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Premji was an eminent actor on stage rather than  cinema acting  in Malayalam for a long span of time.He was born on 23rd September 1908 at Vanneri in Malappuram District of Kerala.He was born in a Brahmin Nampoothiri family but he was a social reformer who tried for the upraise of the needful.His brother M.R. Bhattathirippad who was famous as  M.R.B. was a thinker and writer and also a social reformer.His brother was also well known  in the professional drama field.Premji's real name was Mullamangalathu Parameswaran Bhattathiripad.Premji also wrote Professional plays and published poetry books also.
Premji was interested to act on stage and loved to get the reaction from the audience the same time.His acting talents were extra ordinary and resembled as if real.He was able to act in several best plays of that period and gained appreciation from the audience.Occasionally only he used to appear in films.His first noted film was 'Neelakuyil' which was directed by Ramu Kariat and won President's silver medal as the 2nd best film of 1954.In that film Sathyan was the hero and Miss Kumari the heroine.
In the film 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair he had an excellent role.Todays superstar Mammootty had a major role in that film.
Scene from film 'Piravi'
In 1981 in the film 'Thrishna' which boosted Mammootty's acting career as the new hero, Premji appeared as the grandfather  of the second  heroine.The grandfather  and other family members visiting Mammootty and Swapna  and Premji requesting for a hot tea in that cold climate was a good sequence of that film.
In 1989 Director Shaji N. Karun utilized his acting talents for his film  'Piravi' in which Premji acted fantastically well and got 'National Award for Best Actor' of that year and also 'Kerala Government Best Actor Award' for 1989.The agony of an old poor man in search of his son who was missing from the college hostel was perfectly transformed to the audience by Premji.He died on 10th August 1998.
Selected Filmography
Minna minungu
Shyamala Chechi
Thacholi Othenan
Kunjali Marakkar
Othenante Makan
Vilkanundu Swapnangal

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