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Balan K Nair was a famous film actor who handled very efficiently Villain roles and character roles in Malayalam cinema.He was born on 4th April 1933 at Chemancherry in Calicut district of Kerala  as th son of Kutti Raman Nair and Devaki Amma.He was running a mechanical workshop of his own before joining films in 1972.His debut film was 'Nizhalattam' directed by P.N.Menon.He was accepted as a villain because he was superb in the mannerisms to display cruelty and his voice  as well as his way of dialog presentation suited to such characters.He was also brilliant to act the roles of eminent political leaders, ministers etc.He was excellent in stunt scenes.What ever be the roles, let it be-as a dignified personality, or as a  common man he used to handle all kind of roles with ease.He was lucky enough to act in more than 300 films.He was having an important role as a truck driver in the film 'Lorry' in which his character earned much hatred from the audience because of the cruelty of that character.He gained Kerala Government 2nd Best actor award for the film 'Adithi' of 1974 and 'Thacholi Ambu' of 1978.
In 'Oppol' which was a fantastic film of 1980  written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair(Gyanpeet holder) his character was that of a middle aged ex-serviceman who marries an young girl.The girl was cheated by her lover earlier and had a five year  son, the truth which was not revealed to the husband.The consequences which followed was the theme of that film and the character role of Balan K Nair in 'Oppol' was appreciated by the spectators so that he received the 'NATIONAL BEST ACTOR AWARD FOR 1981'.
After gaining the National Best actor award he was known as Bharat Balan K Nair.
He was excellent as the truthful and unselfish political leader who does not go for his own gains and positions but served the society in the film 'Ee Nadu'.The character 'Sakhavu Krishna Pillai' of that film willbe always remembered.That film was directed by I.V.Sasi and was scripted by Damodaran and in the next year in 1982 the same team presented a similar film 'Iniyenkilum' in which again Balan K Nair had a shining role.
In the fatal helicopter scene which caused the death of  Actor Jayan in the film 'Kololakkam' Balan K Nair was also acting in that stunt scene and was sitting in the helicopter.In that accident he fell off the helicopter and was admitted  in the hospital for several days.
He acted in some other Jayan films  like the famous film  'Moorkhan'.
In the film 'T.P.Balagopalan M.A.' he acted as the father of the heroine Sobhana,(Character-Anitha) and Mohan Lal was the hero of that film.It was a highly acclaimed film of director sathyan Anthikkad and  as the unfaithful businessman, Balan K Nair excelled very well.
In the film 'Alkoottatil thaniye' as a sick  old man who was staying alone  even though he had several children all living  in high positions was the theme.The old man's children did not have any sympathy or love towards their father  but was expecting his death for them to get his wealth.Even if the children did not love him the audience felt much sympathy and love for that character which he presented preciously nice.
In the film of M.T.Vasudevan Nair 'Kadavu'  of 1991 he handled the role of an oarsman.His roles in 'Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha', Abkari', 'Amaram', 'Adhipan' etc were all well appreciated.He died on August 26, 2000.
Selected Filmography
Thacholi Ambu
Ee Nadu
Innallenkil Nale
Alkoottathil Thaniye
T.P.Balagopalan M.A.
Bhoomiyile Rajakkanmar
Naradan Keralathil
Oru Vadakkan Veera Gadha
Gaja Kesari Yogam
Kattathe Kilikoodu
Kari puranda jeevithangal

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Premji was an eminent actor on stage rather than  cinema acting  in Malayalam for a long span of time.He was born on 23rd September 1908 at Vanneri in Malappuram District of Kerala.He was born in a Brahmin Nampoothiri family but he was a social reformer who tried for the upraise of the needful.His brother M.R. Bhattathirippad who was famous as  M.R.B. was a thinker and writer and also a social reformer.His brother was also well known  in the professional drama field.Premji's real name was Mullamangalathu Parameswaran Bhattathiripad.Premji also wrote Professional plays and published poetry books also.
Premji was interested to act on stage and loved to get the reaction from the audience the same time.His acting talents were extra ordinary and resembled as if real.He was able to act in several best plays of that period and gained appreciation from the audience.Occasionally only he used to appear in films.His first noted film was 'Neelakuyil' which was directed by Ramu Kariat and won President's silver medal as the 2nd best film of 1954.In that film Sathyan was the hero and Miss Kumari the heroine.
In the film 'Vilkanundu Swapnangal' which was written by M.T.Vasudevan Nair he had an excellent role.Todays superstar Mammootty had a major role in that film.
Scene from film 'Piravi'
In 1981 in the film 'Thrishna' which boosted Mammootty's acting career as the new hero, Premji appeared as the grandfather  of the second  heroine.The grandfather  and other family members visiting Mammootty and Swapna  and Premji requesting for a hot tea in that cold climate was a good sequence of that film.
In 1989 Director Shaji N. Karun utilized his acting talents for his film  'Piravi' in which Premji acted fantastically well and got 'National Award for Best Actor' of that year and also 'Kerala Government Best Actor Award' for 1989.The agony of an old poor man in search of his son who was missing from the college hostel was perfectly transformed to the audience by Premji.He died on 10th August 1998.
Selected Filmography
Minna minungu
Shyamala Chechi
Thacholi Othenan
Kunjali Marakkar
Othenante Makan
Vilkanundu Swapnangal

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Vincent, as an young actor who joined Malayalam film field in the late 60's soon became very popular and was loved by the audience because of his charismatic actions and wonderful smile which was very much endearing.
When many of the audiences claim that the first action hero of Malayalam cinema was 'Jayan' some film goers does not agree to this but they stress that it was 'Vincent' for sure.He had acted in more than 130 films and a large number of them were as hero roles.He had taken supporting roles in films of Prem Nazir,Sathyan,M.G.Soman,Jayan,Kamal Hassan,Madhu etc also.In several C.I.D. type films he used to act in Villain roles.He was always good in all kinds of roles whether it would be a kindhearted gentleman,a notorious criminal or a stupid villain.He excelled well both in love scenes and stunt scenes.Almost all heroines of that time such as Sheela,Jaya Bharathy,Unni Mary,Vidhu Bala,Vijaya Sree,Lakshmi,Rani Chandra etc acted as his pair in films.
His acquaintance with Sathyan in film 'Kadalpalam' and 'Karakanakkadal' needs
special mention.In Karakana Kadal he had equal importance as Sathyan who cheats the character of Jaya Bharathy, the heroine and that role he had acted brilliantly well.In 'Azhakulla Selina'  a Prem Nazir film, he acted  with Jaya Bharathy and presented wonderful acting.He acted with ease song scenes and love scenes.His actions towards heroines during love scenes of songs were astonishingly natural.In the film 'Puthari Ankam' directed by P.G.Viswambharan the main actors were Vincent and Sudheer.In 'Ithikkara Pakki' which was directed by Sasi Kumar,Prem Nazir,Jayan and Vincent appeared together.In the film 'Kadu' he acted very nicely with Vijaya Sree and that film was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam.'Lajjavathy' was the first film of actress Ambika in which Vincent was the hero and it was directed by Prem Kumar.In 'Padmavyuham' the film in which Vijaya Sree appeared in double role Prem Nazir and Vincent had equal importance.He was in lead roles of I.V. Sasi films  Ulsavam(75) and Anubhavam(76).He acted  as a Customs Officer in I.V.Sasi's film 'Inspector Balram' of 1991.Vincent had an untimely death in 1995.
Selected Filmography
Pancha Thantram
Mattoru Seetha
Azhakulla Selina
Visyarthikale Ithile Ithile
Kadal Palam
Thokkukal Kadha Parayunnu

Padma Vyuham
Puthari Ankam
Karakana Kadal
Inspector Balram
Ernakulam Junction
Prema Lekhanam
Ithikkara Pakki
Ladies Hostel


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Raj Kumar was a Super Star of Kannada cinema who was well adept in his career and propitiated his audiences for a very long period.He was born on April 24, 1929 at Singanallur of Mysore District.His parents were Puttaswamiah and Lakshmamma.
He worked as child artist in the drama  troupe of  Gubbi Veeranna.His father was also working in that troupe.In that troupe he was givn training in acting,dancing and singing.Since he had a very good voice he was givn special training in Carnatic music also.With all the capabilities he acquired from the drama trupe he debuted as hero for the film 'Bedara Kannappa(1954).He was well accepted by the people and they made his films a celebration.Later he started his own film production company in the name 'Vajreswari Productins' which produced films under the banner 'Dakshayani Combines'.
He produced several mythological films and Epic films as well as stories from the Pallava dynasty,Vijaya Nagar Empire  etc employing elaborate and lavish sets and costumes.He made several films to eradicate the evils in the society and for the betterment of the people.He worked in more than 220 Kannada films.He had invitation from other south Indian languages but he liked to act in only Kannada films.He acted in one Telugu film other than Kannada in whole his career life.He loved Kannada language very much and was the leader of a strike to make Kannada language compulsory in educational institutions of Karnataka State and were victorious in their aim.He considered his audience and fans as Gods and loved them very much.That is the reason why when he died at the age of 76 there occured riots in Bangalore and other parts of Karnataka  in which several vehicles were burnt.The agony of his fans were unbelievable.Police had to struggle a lot to suppress the riots.
He was being affectionately called as 'Rajanna' and also 'Annavru'(Elder Brother).People loved and respected him so much.His 100th film 'Bhag Yade Bagila' and 200th film 'Devatha Manushya'  were block buster films.His films 'Kaviratna Kalidasa', 'Shankar Guru','Ranadheera Kanteevara' were all well accepted and  were exceptional.He appeare in several action films also.Several films were like James Bond type films like  C.I.D. 999(Hindi actress Rekha's debut film).The main quality of Raj Kumar was that he was a fantastic singer.He had a beautiful voice and so he was being also called as 'Gana Gandharva'.That maestro sang songs  of all varieties like Carnatic classical,disco,fast numbers,devotional songs etc.
Raj Kumar earned  fame as a man of discipline. His daily routine started at 4'o clock in the early morning.He used to practice 'Yoga'.Almost all the heroines of south Indian languages paired with him in his films.
On July 30 2000 he was abducted by the Criminal Veerappan to Sathyamangalam forest.He had to stay for a period of 108 days in the forest camp.During those days even Veerappan treated him with love and respect only.Veerappan tried to provide him what ever facilities he was able to provide in the forest for Raj kumar.
Raj Kumar was the recipient of '9' Karnataka State Best actor Awards.He got two times Karnataka State  awards for play back singing.He got National award for play back singing also.
He was awarded Karnataka Ratna in 1993 by the Government, and had been recipient of 'Nata Sarvabhouma' award from Karnataka State in 1967.He was given Ph.D from Mysore University.He received Dada Saheb Phalke award in 1995.
He was given Padma Bhushan in 1983.
That great actor and humanist died on April 12, 2006
Selected Filmography and heroines
Kaviratna Kalidasa                              -Jaya Pradha
Chelisuva Modagalu                             -Ambika
Hosa Belaku                                        -Saritha
Naa Ninna Mareyalaare                        -Lakshmi
Dhruva Thaare                                     -Geeta
Shruthi Saridaga                                   -Madhavi
Kasturi Nivasa                                      -Jayanthi
Bahru Vahana                                       -Saroja Devi
Anuraaga Aralithu                                 -Madhavi
Bale Jodi                                               -Bharati
Shravana Bandhu                                  -Urvashi
Sanadi Appanna                                    -Jaya Pradha
Giri Kanye                                            -Jaya Mala
Huliya Halina Mevu                               -Jaya Pradha
Kamana Billu                                         -Saritha
Apoorva Sangama                                 -Ambika

Paropakari                                            -Jayanthi
Badavara Bandhu                                  -Jaya Mala
Swarna Gowri                                       -Rajasree
Adhey Kannu                                        -Gayathri
Sri Krishna devaraya                             -Bharati
Bhoopathi Ranga                                  -Udaya Chandrika
Mayura                                                 -Manjula
Jeevana Chaitra                                     -Madhavi
Thayige Thakka Mega                            -Padma Priya
Sampathiga savaal                                   -Manjula
Veera Kesari                                           -Leelavathi
Nanna Thamma                                       -Jayanthi
Sathya Harichandra                                  -Pandari Bai
Kala Gowrava                                          -Bharati
Shankar Guru                                           -Jaya Mala
Guri                                                           -Archana
Operation Diamond racket                         -Padma Priya
Mayor Mutanna                                        -Bharati
Jamma Rahasya                                         -Bharati
Gowri                                                        -Shoukar Janaki
Chandravallia Thotta                                  -Jayanthi
Bhakta Kanakadasa                                   -Krishna Kumari
Parasuram                                                  -Vani Viswanath
Prema Mayi                                               -Leelavathi
Chakratheertha                                           -Jayanti
Devaru Kotta Thangi                                  -Jayanthi
Nanda Deepa                                             -Harini
Mr.Rajkumar                                              -Rajasree
Bhookailasa                                                -Jamuna
Bhaktha Prahlada                                        -Saritha
Sodari                                                         -Pandari Bai
Sathi Sakti                                                  -Shoukar Janaki
Punarjanma                                                 -Jayanthi
Mallemana Pavada                                      -Saroja Devi
Nagarjuna                                                   -Vara Lakshmi
Ondu Muthina Kathe                                   -Archana
Keralida Sinha                                             -Pandari Bai
Jwalamukhi                                                 -Gayathri
Devara Makkalu                                         -Kalpana
Baala Nagamma                                          -Kalpana
Dhooma Kethu                                            -Udaya Chandrika
Trimoorthi                                                   -Jayamala
Uyyale                                                         -Kalpana
Vaatsalya                                                     -Leelavathy

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In the early 1970's there appeared a beautiful star  on Malayalam silver screen  with which its glory propitiated the masses ecstatically for a small period of time and vanished suddenly.It was none other than Vijaya sree who mesmerized  all the audience with her beauty,acting talent and dancing skill, especially the youth of that period.
She acted mainly in Malayalam films mostly as pair to Prem Nazir.She had also appeared in supporting roles and in some Tamil films also.
In Kerala the beauty concept of actresses was not a slim figure.Sheela,Jaya Bharathy,Sree vidya,Vidhubala,Sarada,Lakshmy etc were all medium figured.Fatty women were also not accepted as heroines.Vijaya sree was not fatty but a little plump figure and so since she appeared in modern dresses like
frocks mini skirts etc also she was labeled as a sex symbol.Since the younger generation of those times loved to see Vijaya sree in bikini dresses  such scenes were included in her films.The eminent directors of that time and big production houses exploited her beauty and glamor utmost.
Vijaya sree but kept a barrier for exhibiting her glamor and allowed to show only her legs and shoulders.Therefore female audience and families  did not hesitate to go  to cinema houses to see her films since they were sure that vulgar sex scenes would not be there in her films.That time was the golden period of  so many commercial films of Prem Nazir which were all super hits directed by famous directors like A.B.Raj,Sasikumar etc. in which Vijaya sree was mostly employed.Udaya Productions Kunchacko and Neela Productions P. Subramanyam also utilized Vijaya sree for commercial hits.
'Sree Guruvayoorappan' was a color film made of stories of Guruvayoor temple in which Vijaya sree acted as 'Manjula' a favorite devotee of 'Guruvayoorappan' in which she was not having any glamor scenes.Like that in several pictures  for example 'Jeevikkan Marannu Poya Sthree' her glamor was not utilized in even one scene.
She possessed very good acting talents and thrilling  classical dance abilities but was not utilized by the directors to the fullest.
'Youvanam' directed by 'Babu Nanthencodu,  the story which dealt with the ego clashes of a joint family was a good family melo drama.The song 'Madhura Meenakshi Anugrahikkum  ente manasa veenayil sruthi unarum.....' is from that film.'Adyathe Kadha'  in which Prem Nazir was her pair was a good film.
"Anjatha vasam,Lanka Dahanam,Panchavady,Sambhavami Yuge Yuge,Marunattil oru Malayali, etc were all commercially successful films in which Prem Nazir was the hero.
'Kadu' was a film which was the story of a 'Jungle' girl beautifully directed by P.Subramanyam and was a block buster film.The song 'Ezhilam pala poothu poomarangal kuda pidichu velli malayil veli malayil.....
Kanaan kothicha neram kavitha polen munpil vannu athma sakhi nee prana sakhee nee' which is still popular is from 'Kadu'.In almost all films of Vijaya sree contained beautiful melodious songs.'Marunattil oru Malayali' was  a film which had a comedy theme in which Sankaradi,Adoorbhasi etc were in cast with Prem Nazir.'The song 'Asoka poornima vidarum gramam...'  and 'Kali Bhadrakali Katharulu Devi Maye Mahamaye Mariyamman Thaye...' etc were hits.In 'Panchavady' film the song 'Easwaran orikkal Virinninu poyi Rajakottarathil vilikkathe...' is top on the charts till now.In 'Padmavyuham song and sequences of "Palaruvi karayil panchami vidarum padavil parannu varoo varoo panineer uthirum ravil..kuruvi..inakkuruvi..., and
'Kuyilinte Mani nadam kettu..kattil kuthira kulambadi kettu  kurumozhi mulla poonkattil randu kuvalayapookkal vidarnnu...' and yet another one  'Sindoora kiranamayi ninne thazhukiyal....' etc are still wonderful melodious hits.
Film 'Maya' was a family melo drama of Vijaya sree in which Thikkurissi,Madhu,Vidhubala etc acted.'Post Mane Kananilla' was a film of Udaya Studios in which Madhu,Prem Nazir,Adoor Bhasi,Sarada,N.Govindan Kutty  were in cast which was directed by Kunchako.'Palunku Pathram' was a nice movie of her in which Prem Nazir,Madhu and Jayabharathi were in the cast.In the film 'Prethangalude Thazhvara' Raghavan paired with her.In 'Ponnapuram Kotta' of Udaya Studio her bathing scene in a stream was included for box Office gains.

That beautiful talented actress committed suicide on March 17th 1974 for unknown reasons.It is said that she was in a horrendous state of mind for a few days before her death.It can be assumed that she had some problems which distracted her mental peace those days.Anyhow a gifted artist was lost to Malayalam film field untimely
Selected Filmography
Aadyathe Kadha
Anjatha Vasam
Bobanum Moliyum
Jeevikkan Marannu poya Stree
Malai nattu Mankai(Tamil)
MaravilThirivu Sookshikkuka
Nam Oruvar (Tamil)
Palunku Pathram
Pacha Nottukal
Postumane Kananilla

Pavangal Pennungal
Ponnapuram Kotta
Prethangalude Thazhvara
Sree Guruvayoorappan
Taxi car
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Thani Niram
Veendum Prabhatham