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In 1972 an elegant and beautiful young girl hailing from Fort Kochi was selected as 'Miss Kerala'.Since the organizers of the beauty contest  had given much propaganda prior to the contest her name became very popular in the state as 'Miss Kerala 1972'..She was well trained in all types of dance forms like Bharata Natyam,Mohiniyattam,Kuchupudy etc along with her younger sisters, and so  they used to conduct stage shows also.The fame Rani Chandra received through the beauty contest helped her to get open the gates to Malayalam film field.
Four years prior to that she had  appeared in a Malayalam movie 'Anchu Sundarikal' but after the beauty contest she selected film acting along with dancing as the main career and used to appear in films regularly in main role or in supporting roles.
'Swapnam' was a  noted film which was released  in 1973 which was produced by "Manjilas Production house"
in which  'Sudheer' was given equal importance as 'Madhu' and handled the role of a Poet.'Nandita Bose' handled main role and Rani Chandra also had a good role.Salil Choudhari was the Music director.
In 1974 film 'Nellu' which was directed by great 'Ramu Kariat' Rani Chandra handled an important role.That film which was  made from 'P.Valsala's' famous novel in the same name, Jaya Bharathy handled the heroine role.It was a block buster film in which Salil Choudhary was Music Director and Lata Mangeshkar sang one Malayalam song.(Kadali Chenkadali...)
In a film released  in 1975,  'Swapnadanam'  which was the debut film of Pune film Institute diploma holder K.G.George, she won the Best actress award from Kerala Government.The film was selected as the best film of that year also  by Government of Kerala.It was handling a typical story theme of marital psycho problems and the main role was handled by Dr.Mohandas.M.G.Soman,Mallika etc also acted in that film.
In 1974 she had acted in a colour film made on the story of Goddess at Kanya Kumari temple named as "Devi Kanya Kumari' which was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam of Neela Studio.She acted opposite to Raghavan in that film and presented her part exceptionally well.In several films Raghavan was her pair.
!975 witnessed a good film of Ranichandra with Prem Nazir in the name 'Hello Darling'.
'Sindooram' and 'Thirumadhuram' were also noted films of that wonderful actress.The still super song written by Sathyan Anthikkad 'Oru Nimisham Tharoo Ninnil Aliyan...' is from film 'Sindooram'.
In 1976 Rani Chandra with her mother and three younger sisters with the music troupe went to the Gulf Countries  for conducting stage shows there and while coming back to Chennai, their connection flight from Mumbai crashed near Mumbai after take off.The Aircraft after take off,  within minutes lost control and nose dived to ground and crashed killing everyone on board.It was a shocking news to all Indians.
A.C.Trilok Chander, famous Tamil directer had almost completed a film 'Bhadrakali' in which Siva Kumar and Rani Chandra were in main roles.Rani Chandra had finished  her part in the film but one or two scenes were unfinished which was completed wisely by the director.The film was a roaring success all over Tamil Nadu.The song sequence 'Kannan oru Kaikuzhandhai' is still  very popular.
In the film 'Ulsavam' directed by I.V.Sasi she acted with K.P.Ummer.It was the incipient period of I.V.Sasi as a director and he gave Ranichandra  roles in his consecutive films such as 'Abhinandanam,Anuragam' etc.In the film 'Alinganam' of I.V.Sasi, she acted with famous 'Sridevi'.
'Pacha Nottukal' was a noted film in which she acted with Prem Nazir and Vijaya Sree.
In 1976 she appeared in 'Amba,Ambika,Ambalika' a color film directed by P.Subramanyam of Neela Studio.
The film story was taken from the epic 'Mahabharata' in which Sri Vidya,Raghavan Thikkurissi,Unni Mary etc were in the cast.Rani Chandra with her mother and three sisters left this world on September 13th 1976.
Some of her Films
Anchu Sundarikal

Devi Kanya Kumari
Amba Ambika Ambalika
Pacha nottukal


  1. Rani Chandra and her family was coming back from some Gulf countries and not from US.
    Rani Chandra was such a wonderful actress.I like Rani Chandra very much..I always feel an agony when ever I read about her,watch Rani's films,or even while thinking of her..

  2. The popular song from Bhadrakali was "Kannan Oru Kaikkuzhandhai" and not "Kuzhaloothum Kannanukku". The latter was from Mella Thirandhadhu Kadhavu, which got released 10 years after her death.