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Wonderful Actress who left us at the age of '18'
Sobha was an ingenuous actress of Malayalam and Tamil films who had also acted in south Indian languages Telugu and Kannada.She had exalted acting skills which was of exceptional qualities.The ingenuity which she possessed to create apt minute expressions on face and the  most suited movements and gestures were highly appreciated by beholders.Her extraordinary acting talents exhilarated  succulent directors who had pensive ideas and they utilized her to make non-commercial,artistic and experimental type of films.She was able to understand what the director required from a particular scene.In several films she had to present distressed characters and their aggravating situations and she was always brilliant in that job.Her acting skills were inherent since she was the daughter of Prema, an actress of Malayalam films and her father was K.P.Menon.She was born on 23rd September 1962.
Eminent directors like Balachandra Menon,K.G.George,Mohan,P.N.Panicker,Ramu Kariatt,K.S.Sethumadhavan etc made superb films with Sobha and gained appreciation from the audience.
Her debut film was 'Udyogastha' a Malayalam film as a child artist at the age of eight.
In 1978 she was cast heroine in 'Uthradarathri' a film which was directed by Balachandra Menon.
She got Kerala government Best actress award for films 'Bandhanam' and 'Ente Neelakasam' which were also of 1978.The same year  she got Best actress award by Film fare for Kannada film 'Aparichita'.
Ulkkadal was also a fantastic movie of that year which was directed by K.G.George and in the same year 'Ekakini' which was directed by P.N.Panicker was  an excellent movie.
'Salini Ente Koottukari' was a bock buster film which was directed by Mohan and scripted by Padmarajan was a box office hit.Jalaja,Sukumaran,Venu Nagavally,K.P.Ummer,Ravi Menon etc acted in that movie and the song and sequence of " Sundari....Ninte Thumpu kettiyitta churul mudiyil thulasi kathirukal choodi....." which the lyrics are of M.D.Rajendran is still very popular.
In 1979 she was recipient of National award for Best Actress for the Tamil film 'Pasi' which was produced by Lalitha, the eldest of the 'Travancore Sisters'.Highly talented Malayalam/Tamil actor Vijayan costarred with her in that film in  which she gave life to the character on screen.She was given Film fare Best Actress award also for 'Pasi'.She was also the recipient of second Best actress award from Kerala government in 1977 for the film 'Ormakal Marikkumo'.
For some of her films the cinematographer was skillful Balu Mahendra and he fell in love with Sobha and they got married without the consent of family members.This marriage created so many problems and conflicts in the family circle and in amidst of that dilemma she committed suicide.This was on 1st May 1980.
She was like a rose  which fell before blooming.Every film goers were shocked to hear the news.Those who loved good cinema expected very much from that intelligent actress.The actress who was able to present succulent as well as susceptible roles equally good could have gained stupendous achievements if lived longer.
K.G.George who made 'Ulkkadal' film with Sobha directed a film 'Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flash Back'
which dealt with  a story that had resemblance to the real life of Sobha, after her tragic death.
Her untimely departure was a real loss to the industry and those who love art and cinema  are still sad about her.
Malayalam Films
Wayanadan Thampan
Sobha and Jalaja in 'Salini Ente Koottukari'

Ormakal Markkumo
Ente Neelakasam
Venalil Oru Mazha
Salini Ente Koottukari
Dalia Pookkal
Amritha Vahini
Manju Moodal Manju
Tamil Films
Thattungal Thurakkapedum
Nizhal Nijamakirathu
Oru veedu Oru Ulagam
Mullum Malarum
Veettukku veedu Vasappadi
Oru vidukathai oru thodakathai
Azhiyatha Kolangal
Agal Vilakku
Veli Thandiya Velladu
Moodu Pani
Anbulla Athan
Telugu Films
Tharam Marindi
Manavoori Pandavulu
Kannada Films

Scene fronm Kannada film 'Kokila'
Scene from film 'Pasi'

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Bahadur was a famous actor of Malayalam films who presented  numerous imperishable characters for more than four decades.He was mainly a comedian who usually appeared with Adoor Bhasi as a duo and earned fame as Laurel and Hardy of Malayalam films.During earlier times it was the task of comedians to create and present the comedy scenes with the necessary dialogs scripted by themselves.Adoor Bhasi who had this talent as inborn and who was the No.1 comedian of Malayalam cinema, invited Bahadur  also to join with him because of his prodigious talents.Bahadur  also had the intrinsic  ability to create new variety of comedy items.He had unique qualities to manifest the characters with most suited gestures and face expressions so that the audience used to roar with laughter in the cinema houses with appreciation.He possessed inimitable style of acting.
Bahadur was born in the princely state of Kochi at Kodungallur in 1930 in a poor family.He passed  10th Standard in first class and joined for intermediate course but could not finish it due to financial problems.He joined as 'conductor' of a private bus and because of his flair for acting used to act in dramas also.A that time Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair had earned fame as Actor,director,writer,producer etc and he approached him for help to enter film field.Thikkurissi  helped him and earned him a role in the film 'Avakasi'(1954).It was Thikkurissi who changed his original name 'Kunjalu' to 'Bahadur' for films.Afterwards Bahadur got chances in famous films like 'Padatha Painkili' 'Balya Kala Sakhi' etc and earned fame as a good comedian artist.In the film 'Bharya' which was a blockbuster film of Udaya Studios in which Sathyan and Ragini were the pair, S.P.Pillai and Bahadur presented fantastic comedy characters which the audience liked very much.Like that in several C.I.D. pictures of Prem Nazir like "Sambhavami Yuge Yuge' Adoor Bhasi and Bahadur used to act as the assistants or friends of the hero and created new ideas to make laugh the audience which always clicked well.
Like Adoor Bhasi Bahadur also had the ability to act  as serious characters also.In several pictures like 'Pani Theeratha veedu,Rathinirvedam, Chattakkari,Anubhavangal Palichakal' etc he handled serious roles.
Bhahadur had the inclination to do business also and so he produced some films but his films were not successful at the box office.Then he tried distribution of films but it was also a failure.Lastly his venture of'Film Lab'  was also not successful.
Bahadur  received the Best Comedy actor award of Kerala Government in the year 1972.
Bahadur died on 22nd May 2000.
Some of his Films
Balya kala sakhi
Padatha Painkili
Ballatha Pahayan
Kandam Bacha coat
Anubhavangal Palichakal
Ara Nazhika Neram
Maravil Thirivu Sookshikkuka
Pani Theeratha veedu
Sambhavami Yuge Yuge
Ponnum Poovum
Ayalathe Sundari
Azhiyatha Bandhangal
Kathodu Kathoram
Pappan Priyapetta Pappan
Naradan Keralathil
Revathikkoru Pavakkutty
Soorya Gayathri


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In 1972 an elegant and beautiful young girl hailing from Fort Kochi was selected as 'Miss Kerala'.Since the organizers of the beauty contest  had given much propaganda prior to the contest her name became very popular in the state as 'Miss Kerala 1972'..She was well trained in all types of dance forms like Bharata Natyam,Mohiniyattam,Kuchupudy etc along with her younger sisters, and so  they used to conduct stage shows also.The fame Rani Chandra received through the beauty contest helped her to get open the gates to Malayalam film field.
Four years prior to that she had  appeared in a Malayalam movie 'Anchu Sundarikal' but after the beauty contest she selected film acting along with dancing as the main career and used to appear in films regularly in main role or in supporting roles.
'Swapnam' was a  noted film which was released  in 1973 which was produced by "Manjilas Production house"
in which  'Sudheer' was given equal importance as 'Madhu' and handled the role of a Poet.'Nandita Bose' handled main role and Rani Chandra also had a good role.Salil Choudhari was the Music director.
In 1974 film 'Nellu' which was directed by great 'Ramu Kariat' Rani Chandra handled an important role.That film which was  made from 'P.Valsala's' famous novel in the same name, Jaya Bharathy handled the heroine role.It was a block buster film in which Salil Choudhary was Music Director and Lata Mangeshkar sang one Malayalam song.(Kadali Chenkadali...)
In a film released  in 1975,  'Swapnadanam'  which was the debut film of Pune film Institute diploma holder K.G.George, she won the Best actress award from Kerala Government.The film was selected as the best film of that year also  by Government of Kerala.It was handling a typical story theme of marital psycho problems and the main role was handled by Dr.Mohandas.M.G.Soman,Mallika etc also acted in that film.
In 1974 she had acted in a colour film made on the story of Goddess at Kanya Kumari temple named as "Devi Kanya Kumari' which was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam of Neela Studio.She acted opposite to Raghavan in that film and presented her part exceptionally well.In several films Raghavan was her pair.
!975 witnessed a good film of Ranichandra with Prem Nazir in the name 'Hello Darling'.
'Sindooram' and 'Thirumadhuram' were also noted films of that wonderful actress.The still super song written by Sathyan Anthikkad 'Oru Nimisham Tharoo Ninnil Aliyan...' is from film 'Sindooram'.
In 1976 Rani Chandra with her mother and three younger sisters with the music troupe went to the Gulf Countries  for conducting stage shows there and while coming back to Chennai, their connection flight from Mumbai crashed near Mumbai after take off.The Aircraft after take off,  within minutes lost control and nose dived to ground and crashed killing everyone on board.It was a shocking news to all Indians.
A.C.Trilok Chander, famous Tamil directer had almost completed a film 'Bhadrakali' in which Siva Kumar and Rani Chandra were in main roles.Rani Chandra had finished  her part in the film but one or two scenes were unfinished which was completed wisely by the director.The film was a roaring success all over Tamil Nadu.The song sequence 'Kannan oru Kaikuzhandhai' is still  very popular.
In the film 'Ulsavam' directed by I.V.Sasi she acted with K.P.Ummer.It was the incipient period of I.V.Sasi as a director and he gave Ranichandra  roles in his consecutive films such as 'Abhinandanam,Anuragam' etc.In the film 'Alinganam' of I.V.Sasi, she acted with famous 'Sridevi'.
'Pacha Nottukal' was a noted film in which she acted with Prem Nazir and Vijaya Sree.
In 1976 she appeared in 'Amba,Ambika,Ambalika' a color film directed by P.Subramanyam of Neela Studio.
The film story was taken from the epic 'Mahabharata' in which Sri Vidya,Raghavan Thikkurissi,Unni Mary etc were in the cast.Rani Chandra with her mother and three sisters left this world on September 13th 1976.
Some of her Films
Anchu Sundarikal

Devi Kanya Kumari
Amba Ambika Ambalika
Pacha nottukal

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Divya Bharti was a beautiful charming girl born on February 25 1974 in Mumbai to parents OmPrakash Bharti and Meeta.While studying in the 9th standard itself that cute young lady had offers from cinema.Her ambition and inclination was also to become a famous heroine in Bollywood films.So she started her try to get in to films and ignored her studies by not attending the school for a long period of time.She was offered some proposal in some films but nothing materialized. She was dropped from the school also and in that frustrated situation in 1990 she
got an offer to act in a Telugu film of  an eminent producer.She was offered the role of heroine opposite 'Venkitesh' who was the producer's son.She accepted that role and that film 'Bobbli Raja' turned out to be a big hit in Telugu thereby her name got popularized in Andhra Pradesh.Bobbli Raja was dubbed to Hindi as 'Rampur ka Raja'.
Meanwhile she got a role in a Tamil film 'Nila Penne' opposite 'Anand'  which was not a big success.But  she was in much demand for Telugu films and within a short period from 1990 to 1993 she appeared in 7 Telugu films which were all hits there.She  appeared with Krishna,Chiranjeevi,Prasanth,Mohan Babu ,Balakrishna etc. in Telugu.She had the second position in Telugu next to Vijayasanthi and was given good renumeration also.Vidya Bharati but was focusing on Bollywood films and was happy when she was signed for the  first Hindi film in late 90.The film 'Vishwatma' which was produced by big production house 'Trimurti films' had scheduled to shoot large part of the film at Kenya.Sunny Deol acted as her hero and it was his debut film.The film was a success at the box office and Vidya Bharti got established in Bollywood.Even before the release of that film she was cast in to other Hindi films.When the film 'Vishwatma' was released on 24th January 1992 she was praised for her immaculate acting talents and thrilling dancing capabilities.Her resemblance to actress Sridevi was noted by the critics also.The song and  sequence of 'Saat Samundar' was praised by all and still remembered by film goers.
Afterwards her film 'Dil ka kya Kasoor' was released  which was not a success but her character was good.
She acted as a poetess in the film opposite 'Prithvi'.It was directed by 'Lawrence D'Souza.In another film 'Jaan se Pyara' directed by 'Anand' she had the character as 'Sharmila'.Actor Govinda had a dual role in this film which boosted his acting career.The film was a success.
The biggest hit of 1992 was 'Deewana' which was directed by 'Raj Kanwar'.Shahrukh Khan debuted in this film Rishi Kapoor was also in the main role.Her character was as 'Kaajal' who loved songs and dance and appeared in stage shows etc.
In 1992 another film directed by Anand 'Balwan' introduced 'Sunil Shetty' to Hindi films.This action film was also a grosser at box office in which Divya Bharti appeared as character 'Priya'.Yet another film of Shahrukh Khan 'Dil Ashna Hai' was not a success in which she was having the role of a bar dancer.Film "Shola aur Shabnam' was a big hit.Govinda was the hero in that film.
Thus during the 92-93 period, Divya Bharti the cute and charming girl who was under twenty years old enticed the masses by manifestation of a variety of fantastic roles and presenting thrilling dance sequences.She was considered the 3rd position in Bollywood next to Madhuri Dixit and Sridevi.She was signed in to several other film projects also.
It is said that at the age of 16 she was secretly married to a film producer and also it is said that she got married earlier to avoid gossips about her with young actors.
On April 5 1993 she fell off her apartment which was on the 5th floor of the building in Mumbai causing her death.She was  only 19 years old.Some of her films which were completed earlier were released after her death.
Bobbli Raja-Telugu- Venkitesh
Nila Penne -Tamil-Anand
Naa Ille Naa Swargam-Telugu-Krishna
Rowdy Alladu-Telugu-Chiranjeevi
Dharma Kshetram-Telugu-Balakrishna
Chimma Mogudu-Mohan Babu
Assembly Rowdy-Telugu-Mohan Babu
Tholi Muddhu-Telugu-Prasanth
Hindi films
Vishwatma-Sunny Deol
Shola aur Shabnam-Govinda
Dil Ka kya kasoor-Prithvi
Jaan se Pyara-Govinda
Deewana-Rishi Kapoor/Sharukh
Balwan-Sunil Shetty
Dil Ashna Hai-Sharukh Khan
Dil Hi To Hai-Jackie Shroff
Kshatriya-Sanjay Dutt
Rang-Kamal Sadanah
Shatraj-Jackie shroff

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Jai Shankar was a versatile actor of Tamil films who acted in large number of films during 60's and 70's in
main roles.His acting talents was bestowed to him by nature and he was confident that he would get his share if the audience approves him.He worked hard utilizing his abilities to the fullest and was successful to cope with the super duper stars of that same generation, M.G.R,Sivaji Ganesan,Gemini Ganesan etc.without involving in any kind of gimmicks. He was able to earn the appreciation and  love of the audience and they made most of his films a big success at the box office.
Jai Shankar was the son of a Judicial Magistrate.His original name was Subramaniyam Shankar and  was brilliant at his studies.His father wanted him to follow his path and so after passing out Honours degree instructed him to join law college.At that period  the urge to act in dramas and in films  inspired him very much and so he quited his law college studies.His debut film was 'Iravum Pagalum' and it is a wonder that  his lastly appeared movie name was also 'Iravum Pagalum'.
Since he was a very versatile actor directors were able to utilize him for any kind of roles such as in comedy,melodrama,action suspense thriller,tragedy etc and he would be best always.More over he was
having a helping mind and so acted in films of un popular producers also for them to benifit financially.
Therefore large number of Jai Shankar films used to release mostly  in every week and so he was called
'Friday star' also since the releasing of new films was usually on  Fridays only.
His action films 'Vallavan Oruvan' and C.I.D.Shankar earned him the  'James Bond' image also.
He was referred to as 'Thennagathu James Bond'(South Indian James Bond).
In' Pattanathil Bootham' and 'Noottukku Nooru' he portrayed comedy  type characters.Noottukku Nooru was a K.Balachander film in which Jai Shankar was excellent.
In his movie 'Gayatri' Super star 'Rajani Kanth' in his early stage of acting appeared  as villain but when Rajani Kanth later turned out to be the successful Super star, in his films 'Murattukalai' and 'Thalapathi' Jai Shankar handled villain roles.
His suspense thriller films like 'Yaar Nee', 'Akka Thangai', 'Mannippu' etc were super hits.
Comedy films like 'Bommalattam', 'Ponn Vandu', 'Athaiya Mamiya', Aayiram Poi', etc were very  much appreciated by the audience.His film 'Soothattam' was also excellent.
There is a Charitable Trust in his name 'Jai Shankar Medical and Charitable Trust,Nungampakkam,Chennai'.
His son 'Dr.Vijay Shankar' is an eye surgeon who looks after the activities of the charitable trust.
Jai Shankar used to help so many people who were poor and needy without any kind of publicity.He was a person with so many good qualities.
He had  acted with almost all famous female heroines of that period.
Jai Shankar died of heart attack on June3,2000.Film viewers mourn his  early departure so much.
Selectd Filmography and actress there in
Iravum Pagalum                 - Vasantha
Iruvallavargal                      -VijayaLakshmi
Neelgiri Express
Vallavan Oruvan                - VijayaLakshmi
Vandikkaran Magan          -Jai Chitra
Nangu Killadigal                - Bharathi
Panchavarnakkili                -K.R.Vijaya
Gowri Kalyanam                -Jaya
Nil Gavani Kathali             - Vijaya Lakshmi
Kathal Pothuma                 -Rajasree
Uravadum Nenjam            - Chandra Kala
Akkarai Pachai                  -Lakshmi
Vettikku Veedu                 -Lakshmi
Poova Thalaya                   -Vennira Aadai Nirmala
Unnaithan Thampi              -Jaya Chitra
Noottukku Nooru             -Lakshmi
Vairam                              -Jayalalitha

Gayathri                             -Sridevi
Athai Mamiya                    -Usha Nandini
Kathal Jyothi                     -Kanchana
Kathal Paduthum Padu       -Vanisree
Kalyanamam Kalyanam     -Jayachitra
Cinema Paithyam               -Jaya Chitra
Palabhishekam                   - Sripriya
Bommalattam                    - Jaya Lalitha
Kannipenn                        -Lakshmi
Maanavan                         -Lakshmi
Avar enikke sontham        - Srividya
Nilave nee satchi               -K.R.Vijaya
Etu eppadi Irukku             - Sridevi
Muthuchippi                      -Jaya Lalitha
Aasai Manavi                    -Sujatha
Panakkara penn                -Jaya Chitra
Oruvanukku Oruthi           -Lakshmi
Nangu Suvargal                -Vanisree
Manasakshi                      - Ven Nira Aadai Nirmala
Kanni Theevu                   -Radhika
Oru kodiyail Iru malarkal  -Sujatha
Melathalangal                    -Sripriya
Karunthel Kannayiram      -Lakshmi
Kan Sivanthal Man
   Sivakkum                      -Poornima
Kaivarisai                        -Seema
Aasai Manavi                   -Sujatha
Akka Thangai                  -K.R.Vijaya
Ennai Paar Enn Azjakai
   Paar                              -Jaya Malini

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Aranmula Ponnamma was a Malayalam  stage artiste and film actress who handled dignified mother roles in films
from the early stage of Malayalam Cinema.Her debut film 'Sasidharan' was  just the 18th of the total Malayalam films released up to that year in 1950.
Aranmula Ponnamma belonged to 'Aranmula' in Pathanamthitta District in Kerala State which is famous for the world famous 'Aranmula Snake Boat Race' during Onam period in river Pampa near to famous 'Partha Sarathy temple.' She was the daughter of Melethu Kesava Pillai and Parukutty Amma.She was born on March 22 in 1914.Her father died when she was only nine years old.Ponnamma and her younger sister 'Thankam' was trained in Carnatic Music since they had a flair for it.Ponnamma used to sing on stages from an early age of 12.Later she got job as music teacher in a primary school.When Swathi Thirunal Music Academy was started  in Trivandrum Ponnamma joined there as a student in the first batch itself.By completing the course there she was appointed as  Music Teacher in  Government
Cotton Hill High School,Vazhuthacaud in Thiruvananthapuram.
Her younger sister was married to 'Vaikom Vasudevan Nair' a well known dramatist who handled protagonist roles.He persuaded his wife 'Thankam' who was Ponnamma's sister to act in his dramas and so she started to act as his pair.Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and his wife 'Thankam Vasudevan Nair' were the most famous artistes on stage during those days.It was the time when female part was also acted by men in professional dramas since girls belonging to respected families did no act in dramas.Oachira Velukkutty was a superstar of those period who handled only female roles.Another problem at that time was only who could sing beautifully were able to act in dramas.Play back singing was not common.Aranmula Ponnamma's sister Thankam Vasudevan Nair lovingly persuaded her sister also to act in dramas.So at  the age of 29 Aranmula Ponnamma also acted in a drama 'Bhagyalakshmi'.
There was good response only from the part of audience and this gave her courage to act in some other professional dramas like 'Prasanna,Chechi,Jeevithayathra etc'.It was the time when many well known drama artistes trying their luck in cinema also.Even Vaikom Vasudevan Nair and Thankam Vasudevan Nair Produced a film 'Yachaki' and acted  in main roles. (It was the film version of a successful drama of their own troupe) but the film was a failure in box office.
In the year 1950 Aranmula Ponnamma at the age of 36 acted in her debut film 'Sasidharan' as the mother of character handled by  heroine artist Miss.Kumari. It was the film version of a famous  drama written by N.P.Chellappan Nair and was very successful when staged. Aranmula Ponnamma's mother role was as a greedy character in that film which was a contradiction.It is a fact that she appeared always as dignified,majestic,loving,caring and  a kind mother only except in one or two negative type roles in films like 'Padunna Puzha'.
She had acted as mother for first generation actors like Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair,Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair etc and for second generation actors like Prem Nazir and Sathyan and third generation actors like Mohan Lal and Suresh Gopi.
Since she took only mother roles of  protagonist characters only she was always respected by co stars and all the other members in the film units.

Aranmula Ponnamma lastly appeared for the film 'Janadhipathyam' in 1997
Even though she did not get award for her performance in the film 'Achuvettante Veedu' she was fantastic in that film and needs special mention.
She got National award for best supporting actress for Adoor Gopalakrishnan film 'Kadhapurushan(1995)
She was given life time achievement award by Asianet in 1998,
She got J.C.Daniel award for life time achievement in 2006.
She got Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai award in 2010.
Suresh Gopi, one of the Superstars of Malayalam cinema is her grand daughter's husband.
Aranmula Ponnamma died on 21st February 2011.
Selected filmography
Kandam Becha coat
Velu Thampi Dalawa
Kavalam Chundan
Viruthan Sanku
Hridayam Oru Kshetram
Achuvettante Veedu
Azhiyatha Bandhangal
Oru sayahnathinte swapnam
Sindoora rekha
Puthukkottayile puthu manavalan
Scene from Film 'Sakuntala'-K.R.Vijaya,Aranmula Ponnama etc.

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Amjad Khan earned name and fame all over India and abroad from the character 'Gabbar Singh' of film
Sholay(1975) which is still a super hit movie.Perhaps the most hatred villain character on Indian film screen is Gabbar Singh.For the creation of such a character the credit should be divided among the writer and director also but
every body will agree that 75% of the credit goes to Amjad Khan.He deserves  much praise for precisely presenting
that dacoit  with perfection and made it immortal.Amjad Khan with his peculiar mannerisms and vibrant dialogues earned maximum detestation from the audience towards Gabbar Singh.
Amjad Khan was born on 12th November 1940 at Hyderabad and was the son of legendary actor Jayant.He lived and studied in Mumbai.He was a student of  R.D.National College Bandra, and there he was elected student representative as General Secretary from which we can assume that he had leadership qualities from very young.Because of this quality after becoming a cinema star he served as administrator for their association also.
Before joining cinema he had theater experience.When he was 17 years old he appeared in a film 'Love and God' but it released after several years in 1986 only.His debut film was 'Hindustan ki Kasam'.When he was offered the villain role in Sholay he did enough home work before joining the film unit.He tried to collect details about the life style of dacoits and in that efforts read a book' Abhisapth Chambal' written by Taroon Kumar Bhaduri(Jaya Bhaduri's Father).Sholay was filmed in  a span of two years without any hurry from the actors and producer. Director Ramesh Sippy tried to make every frame excellent.When it was released on August 15th 1975 initially  there was cool response only from the audience and the worried director even thought of changing some scenes.Amitabh Bachchan's character is dying in the film and they were thinking to change that scene also.Mean while by mouth publicity the film started to turn to be a super duper hit of all the history of Indian Cinema.At Mumbai Minerva theater
it was exhibited consecutively for more than five years.There are several people who saw that film more than 50 times.It was a hobby for the youngsters to imitate the dialogues and mannerisms of Gabbar Singh.It was the most popular character Amjad Khan presented on silver screen.
In most of the films he was in negative roles and villain characters.He had acted unconventional characters in many Amitabh Bachchan films.In 'Shatranj ke Khiladi'(1977) directed by Satyajit Ray he handled the role of a helpless Monarch.
He directed two films, Chor Police(1983) and Ameer Aadmee Gareeb Aadmee (1985) which were not very successful.
Chakkar pe chakkar, a Sashi Kapoor and Rekha film,Muqquaddar ka sikkander of Amitabh and Rakhee,Chambal ke Kasam directed by Ram Meherwani, Naseeb(1981) an Amitabh film of Man Mohan Desai,Lawaris,Dada were all good films of Amjad Khan.
In 1985 he acted in a Malayalam film 'Ee Lokam Ivide Kure Manushyar'.He had acted in some Telugu and Kannada films as well.
In 1986 he met with an accident on his way to Goa in a car.The drugs administered to him during treatment
resulted in putting up excessive body weight which could not be controlled and resulted in heart attack on
27th July 1992 causing everybody very sad.
Selected Filmography
Chakkar pe chakkar
Hum kisi se kum nahin
Khasam khoon ki
Khoon pasina

Shatranj ke Khiladi
Apna khoon
Des Pardes
Ganga ki Sougand
Kasme Vaade
Muqaddar ka sikkandar
Chambal ki Rani
Do Shikari
Chambal ki Kasam
Pyara Dushman
Barsat ki ek Raat
Hum se badkar kaun
Khoon ka Rista
Ladies tailor
Maafi manga khoon
Pet pyar aur pap
Ma Kasam
Love and God
Bees saal baad
Do waqt ki roti
Khuli Khidki
Sitapur ki Geeta

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Scene from Neelakkuyil
Miss Kumari entered in to Malayalam silver screen at the age of 17, in 1949 with the film 'Velli Nakshatram'.
It was the first film made at Udaya Studio,Alapuzha which was produced by Kunchacko and K.V.Koshy.Music director B.A.Chidambaranath's debut film was also the same one.The film was not a success but Miss Kumar's acting talent was well appreciated.
Miss Kumari's original name was Thresiamma Thomas who hailed from Bharananganam, in Kottayam District of Kerala State.Altogether she had acted in more than 50 films and in all of them she handled her part
brilliantly well.During her period B.S.Saroja,Kumari Thankam,Prema,Ambika were other successful heroines.
After 'Vellinakshatram' in the next year Udaya Studios produced 'Nalla Thanka' which was directed by P.V.Krishna Iyer and scripted by Muthukulam Raghavan Pillai.The film which dealt with a sentimental story was a big success and Miss Kumari earned a space in the hearts of the audience.
In the same year two other films were released,'Yachaki' and 'Navalokam'.Yachaki was produced by Vaikom Vasudevan Nair, who was a famous stage artiste who handled the main role in the film and his wife
Thankam Vasudevan Nair handled the main female part.The film was a flop.But Navalokam which was directed by V.Krishnan, in which Thikkurissi handled the main role as 'Kuruppu' and Kumari handled female  main role as 'Devaki' resulted  as a success.
In 1953 she had acted in Alphonsa,Athmasakhi and Athmasanthi out of which 'Athmasakhi' was the first film produced by Neela Production banner by P.Subramaniyam in his new studio 'Merry Land' at Nemom, in Trivandrum.It was the debut film of 'Sathyan'  who was the hero of that film.Even though Sathyan had acted in another film 'Thyagaseema' earlier it was not released.
In 1953, another film produced and directed by Thikkurissi Sukumaran Nair, 'Sario Thetto' in which Thikkurissi was the hero and Miss Kumari the heroine, was a success.
In 1954 Kumari and Sathyan attained stardom with the film 'Neelakuyil'.It was a realistic film which was directed by duo Ramu Kariat and P.Bhaskaran.The theme dealt with the nasty caste system and feudalism in the society.The film had a message to the society which had its impact as expected.It was written by 'Uroob' and scripted by Uroob and P.Bhaskaran  together which contained  strong dialects.As an actress it was a challenge for Miss Kumari who had to struggle a lot to present her character precisely well.As the character 'Neeli' she drew much pity from the audience.The pregnant woman 'Neeli', exempted by her lover and relatives had to stay on the roadside and had to deliver a child without anybody's help.Such scenes were acted fantastically superb by that talented actress.The film 'Neelakuyil' bagged  silver medal as 2nd National Best Film of that year.The film contained nice songs too which were composed by K.Raghavan.Up to that period many songs in Malayalam films  had the music resembling Tamil and Hindi songs but  from there upon Malayalam film songs keeps its own identity.
'Padatha Paikili' was a love story written and scripted by 'Muttathu Varkey' in which Prem Nazir was the hero.It was produced and directed by P.Subramanyam.
In 1955  film 'Kidappadam' was produced at Udaya Studios which was therir 21st film and was  directed by M.R.S.Mani.The same year witnessed the release of another blockbuster film 'Harishchandra' produced and directed by P.Subramanyam.
The mythological story was well presented by the director in which Thikkurissi was Harishchandra and Miss Kumari as Chandramathi.G.K.Pillai handled Viswamitra's role.The film contained nostalgic songs which  are all beautiful.The song 'Athma Vidyalayame,Avaniyil...' sung by Kamukara Purushothaman is still young and will be so.
In 1960 the Neela Production film 'Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi' was a blockbuster film of Kumari which had a different themeIt was a jungle story which was neatly executed by the director..Miss Kumari as usual handled her role fantastically nice.
In 1961 'Mudiyanaya Puthran' was a noted movie which was directed by Ramu Kariat.As in the case of Neela Kuyil this film was also about the caste system and other evils prevailing  in the society.It was written and scripted by 'Thoppil Bhasi' a well known dramatist.Sathyan,Miss Kumari and Ambika were in lead roles of that film
Scene from 'Navalokam
Some of her other noted films were  Sasidharan,Dakshayagnam,Sumangali,Devatha and Sri Kalahasteeswara Mahatmyam.
Scene from Aana Valarthiya Vanambadi
Scene from 'Kidappadam'
Miss Kumari married Mr.Hormis Thaliyath who was an Engineer and they had three children.The highly talented  actress left this world on June9, 1969 at the age of 37.