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It was a  shocking news to all  Indians especially from Kerala,Tamil Nadu and Karnataka on December 6,1992
when they read in News Papers in the morning  that the very beautiful and attractive,innocent girl of just 21 years old who
got National award for best actress for the debut film itself died in an accident the previous night.It was the
news of Monisha who was an intellectual girl who was very talented in acting as well as dancing.She was actually concentrating in her studies and dancing and was preparing to  take acting as the main career when the disaster happened.
Monisha was born in Panniyankarta,Calicut in 1971.Her Father Narayanan Unni was doing leather business at Bangalore and her mother Sreedevi Unni is a noted dancer.They were settled in Bangalore.Monisha had her studies in Bangalore and had completed degree course.From childhood itself she was trained in Bharatanatyam and other classical style of dancing and she proved to be an expert in that field.She got several awards for dancing during school days and at college level also.Apart from that she was recipient of many precious  awards also for dancing.
Her first film 'Nakhakshatangal' which was written by 'Gyan Peet' holder M.T.Vasudevan Nair and directed by Hariharan was a super duper hit of 1986.The half of the credit should be given to M.T.Vasudevan Nair for the fantastic screen play.Thilakan,Kaviyoor Ponnamma,Vineeth,Jagannatha Varma,Kuthiravattom Pappu,Singer Jayachandran etc acted in that film which dealt with a teenage love theme.Monisha's role was as a servant in an Advocate's residence which she handled superbly well.The south Indian actor and well known dancer Vineeth was the hero of that film.Monisha was only 15 years old when she acted in that film and got National award.
Since she had to continue her studies she was appearing in films not frequently. When she acted in a Malayalam film  'Perunthachan', a historical film which was directed by Ajayan,( son of writer-Director Thoppil Bhasi, ) all critics appreciated the film and the role of Monisha who handled it precisely superb.It was a matured type character which an young girl could not
present reasonably expressive but Monisha was praised from all corners for her immense  talent.
Like that 'Kuruppinte Kanakkupusthakam' was a very good film  of Balachandra Menon in which she was in a good character.
She had acted in Tamil Movies and Kannada Movies also.
While acting in  a Malayalam film 'Cheppadividya'  Monisha and her mother took leave and  were going to Ernakulam to catch train to Bangalore.The car got in an accident at Chethala near Alapuzha at midnight.Her mother was also injured and was under treatment for several  months.Monisha had a dance program at Bangalore within a couple of days and they were in a hurry for the preparation  and practice.
In a Malayalam film 'Kamaladalam' in which Mohan Lal was the hero she had the role as a dancer.She was excellent  as that character which got much applause."Champakkulam Thachan' was a good movie in which 'Vineeth' was the hero and in that film south Indian beauty 'Rambha' also had an equal role.
Monisha's untimely departure is mourned by all film goers.
Some of her Films
Chiranjivi Sudhakara
Veena Meettiya Vilangukal

Kuruppinte Kanakku pusthakam
Venal Kinavukal
Unne ninachu pattu padichen
Pookkal vidum Ithal
Oru Kochu Bhoomi Kulukkam

Kamala Dalam
Champakkkulam Thachan
Cheppadi Vidya

Vineet and Monisha in "Nakhakshathangal'


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