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Bharat Gopi who earned fame as Actor,Director and Producer of Malayalam films hailed from Chirayinkeezhu

of Thiruvananthapuram District.His original name was V.Gopinathan Nair and was the son of Velayudhan Pillai and Parvathy Amma.He graduated from University College,Trivandrum  and accepted job as Lower Division Clerk in Kerala State Electricity Board.
Due to his intense love towards acting field he found time to work with Prasadhana little theatres, a drama troupe, which was under the control of  G.Sankara Pillai.After a short period he joined with 'Thiruvarangu' group of Kavalam Narayana
Panicker.From Thiruvarangu he was able to get polished his acting skills.Actors Nedumudi Venu,Murali,and Narendra
Prasad were in Thiruvarangu with Kavalam Narayana Panicker for a long time.
It was the period when 'New wave cinema' was generating.There were film clubs and film societies also forming
for the betterment of the film industry.Many genius people used to involve with films and discussions were held to study more about the
scope of films.There were debates going on in several College campus and film societies seriously.When
a group of people started 'Chitralekha' film society in Thiruvananthapuram  Gopi was also involved in it.
Chitalekha film society when Produced a film in 1972 by name 'Swayamvaram' which was directed by Adoor
Gopala Krishnan who was a Diploma holder from 'Pune film Institute' Gopi got a chance to act in a small role in that cinema.That film was a new experience to the viewers who were mostly experienced in commercial
films only.Madhu and Sarada were in main roles,Mankada Ravi Varma handled Cinematography and Devadas Sound recording.The film won several National awards.
In 1977 Adoor Gopalakrishnan wrote and Directed a film by name 'Kodiyettam' in which the lead role was
handled by 'Gopi' which changed his life.Gopi got National award for best Actor in  Kodiyettam and Kerala
state Best Actor award also. The fame changed his name also as 'Bharat Gopi' and or 'Kodiyettam Gopi'.Even
though not a commercial  film it was a super hit and people enjoyed his character very much.Gopi was not
acting in that film but he had transformed to 'Sankaran Kutty'- the character.
Later in Peruvazhi Ambalam he had a good role which was directed by' P.Padma Rajan'.Later in 1982  in the
film 'Kallan Pavithran' which was again a Padmarajan film,  as the flour mill owner 'Mamachan ' Bharat Gopi was excellent and Nedumudi Venu  in the title role of Kallan Pavithran was also superb in that film.In the same year in 'Yavanika' one of the best appearance as 'Tabalist Ayyappan'  Bharat Gopi was excellent at par.His actions,gestures etc were immaculate which earned much applause.
It was directed by K.G.George and Yavanika was actor Thilakan's debut film.The film was a grand success.
In Kattathe Kilikkoodu as the college professor Krishna Pillai he was in the lead role and Sreevidya as his wife.
Mohanlal and Revathy had also same importance in that film which had an unusual story.Bharat Gopi received so much appreciation for that character.
Gopi acted in several Bala Chandra Menon films.In 'April 18' which was a super hit film of Menon the
Police constable ' Gopi pillai 'was perfect in the hands of Gopi.
Bharat Gopi proved that he can handle comedy also perfectly well.In the film 'Panchavady Palam' which was written by Veloor Krishnan Kutty,  Gopi handled the lead role as Dussasana Kurup who was the Panchayat
President  which created much comedy throughout the film.
Revathykkoru Pavakkutty was a film which created sympathy and sorrow.He had acted in two Hindi films also.Ormakkayi,Adaminte Variyellu,Chidambaram,Ente Mamattikutti Ammakku etc were all good films in which Gopi presented his characters nicely.In 1986
he had a stroke and one side of his body was affected.He was able to come back after a long gap but was not able to enjoy good health afterwards.
He produced a film 'Padheyam' directed by 'Bharathan' in 1993 in which Mammootty was the hero.
He directed a film' Njattadi' in which Murali was the hero but was not released,another one 'Ulsavapittennu'
which was a super hit film and a non commercial film 'Yamanam'  which got National award as best film on

social issues.
He wrote one book on cinema 'Abhinayam Anubhavam' which  received National award for best book on
cinema in 1994.Another book he wrote about drama 'Nataka Niyogam' got Kerala State award for best book on drama in 2003.That great actor left us on 29th January 2008..
Bharat Gopi was given 'Padma Sree' for his contributions to Indian cinema in 1991.
He received Best Actor National Award in 1978 for Kodiyettam
Best Actor Award for Kodiyettam in 1977 from Kerala State.
Best Actor award from Kerala state in 1982 for film Ormakkayi
Best Actor award from Kerala State in 1983 for different films
Best actor award from Kerala state in 1985 for film Chidambaram
Some of His Films
Akasa Gopuram
De Ingottu Nokkiye
Sethu Rammayyar CBI
Vasanthiyum Lakshmiyum Pinne Njanum
Elavankodu Desam
Agni Devan
Ormakal Undayirikkanam
Ice cream
Nilavinte Nattil
Chekkeranoru Chilla
Revathikkoru Pavakkutty
Puli Varunne Puli
Ente Ammu Ninte Thulasi Avarude Chakki
Karimpin Poovinakkare
Scene No.7
Archana Aradhana
Pricipal Olivil
Onathumbikku Oru Oonjal
Gayatri Devi Ente Amma
Kanathaya Penkutty
Punnaram Cholli cholli
Meena Masathile Sooryan
April 18
Aarorum Ariyathe
Swantham Sarika
Panchavadi Palam
Sandhya Mayangum Neram
Aadaminte Variyellu
Ente Mamattikutti Ammakku
Lekhayude Maranam Oru Flashback
Nizhal Moodiya Nirangal
Kattathe Kilikkoodu
Bharat Gopi in 'Kodiyettam'
Kallan Pavithran
Vida Parayum Munpe
Peruvazhi Ambalam
Snehapoorvam Meera

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