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In the year 1974 there appeared a splendid rainbow on the horizon of Indian cinema  which was very distinctively clear for viewers from Kerala.That splendent rainbow was a delightfully enchanting sight which throbed the hearts of millions of Malayalam film lovers and  after a short span of time in 1981 it suddenly vanished from the film screen horizon leaving back dark clouds of sorrow in the minds of the viewers which drizled down as rain of tears from them.
This is not any kind of exaggeration  but true in the case of 'Jayan' the first action hero of Malayalam cinema.
                    The entry of Jayan in to Malayalam cinema was at the age of 33-34 years  and to the amazement of co-stars he attained the inevitable No.1 position  within four years and  death happened unexpectedly during the climax scene
of a movie 'Kolilakkam' leaving millions of his fans in utter agony after another four years.
He entered in to the Malayalam cinema as a relief to a large sector of viewers who were annoyed and bored of the same chocolate faces in each and every cinema.That trend had a little bit of change with the entry of M.G.Soman and Sukumaran  but leaving action roles they also confined to usual roles.It was at this stage that
'Sarapanjaram' was released in 1978 after four years of his entry in to film field.Jayan excelled very well in the antihero role of that film.That film received record collection in the box office.Afterwards he was offered lead roles only.The audience received Jayan  as the new hero with both hands and with a warm embrace  offered him the throne of the No.1 hero of Malayalam cinema.
Jayan was able to keep that position with large number of films every year and most of them scoring well in the box office.He did not get time to look back but that action horse was galloping throughout conquering all the way to victory.
Jayan was born in Thevally,Kollam to Kottaram Veetil Madhavan Pillai and Bharathi Amma.He studied
at Govt.Boy's High School Kollam  up to 10th std. After the school he joined Indian Navy and served the Nation.After 16 years he left the Indian Navy from the position Master CPO.While in the Navy he used to act in dramas which were conducted for their functions and received good comments from his colleagues.
They suggested him to try in films and an inclination and desire aroused in his mind to act in films.From the friendship of veteran actor Jose Prakash's son at Ernakulam he was lucky enough to get  a role in the film'Sapamoksham'.
'Krishnan Nair' was his real name and he was renamed 'Jayan' by Jose Prakash.Sapamoksham is considered as his debut film but it is said that he had two or three minor appearances in some earlier films.
Jayan had the habit of making his role perfect as he could. So in the early stages of his film career he used to ask senior artists like Prem Nazir,Sheela etc whether his performance was correct.This aspiration to make his scenes perfect was always with him till the climax scene of 'Kolilakkam' which resulted in his death.It is said that director P.G.Viswambharan was satisfied after the two takes of that stunt scene but Jayan  insisted
to take once more for even better perfection.He had to catch on to the bottom side of an air borne helicopter
from a moving motor bike.Actor Sukumaran was riding the bike and Jayan was sitting behind him.He rose from the seat and hang on the helicopter while the helicopter lost control for a while.It flew at a very low altitude hittingJayan to the ground but regained the altitude and control within seconds.When the helicopter turned to one side hitting Jayan to the ground, Balan K.Nair another actor who was sitting in the helicopter fell on the ground causing fracture of his hand.The helicopter did not crash in that accident but after one year in another accident
that same helicopter crashed killing the  same Pilot whose name was 'Sampath'.Jayan had the habit of doing all the risky shots himself without employing dupe.All the spectators were knowing that he was performing the
risky stunt scenes himself which endeared him the title 'Action hero'.Jayan really loved  to do any kind of risky
scenes  and he dared to do such roles like hanging to a 300feet high crane etc.He was very well in horse riding and excelled nicely in 'Vadakkan Pattu' stories like 'Kannappanunni' 'Thacholi Ambu' etc in which horse riding and 'Kalaripayattu';( the martial arts of Kerala) was shown in several scenes.
Jayan had a typical distinct clear way of diaogue delivery.He had a masculine physique which was exhibited in most of his films.Bare chested Jayan oiling a horse etc were purposely included in films to show the muscular beauty of that action hero.His looks and appearance was majestic and his smile was very pleasing and appealing
                           Seema was his heroine in many films like Anupallavi,Manushya Mrigam,Angadi,Benz Vasu,
Kantha Valayam,Sarapanjaram, Thadavara etc.Sheela was heroine in Avesham,Evan ente priya puthran etc.Sree vidya acted with him in films like Deepam,Puthiya Velicham etc.
Collection record of 'Sarapanjaram' was broken by another blockbuster film of Jayan itself 'Angadi'(80) which was written by K.Damodaran.Angadi dealt with the evils prevailed in the society and that film was
directed by I.V.Sasi.Most of his films were successful and so producers and directors were running after him
for his dates.Story writers were thinking of stories suited to him most appropriate with better action scenes.

He acted  a different type of role as a sage inthe film 'Yeho Oru Swapnam' and the scene of singing the song "Sree padam Vidarnna saraseruhathil"  was a rare
experience to the viewers.His double role in 'Manushya Mrigam' was excellent and the song sequence "Kasthuri manmizhi malar saram eythu kalhara pushpangal poomazha peythu"  was brillinat.His action in the song sequence of 'Karimpana' while Prameela singing the song 'Karimparakalkkullilum kanmadam nirayum'  was superb.
Jayan acted in 126 films in eight years.He was a bachelor.
He left us at the age of 41 but still living in the hearts of millions of film lovers.
Some of His Films
Ullasa Yathra
Mallanum Mathevanum
Aval Viswasthayayirunnu
Ormakal Marikkumo
Raja Parambara
Itha ivide vare
Acharam Ammini Osaram Omana
Pattalam Janaki
Thacholi Ambu
Jayikkanayi Janichavan
Ee Manohara Theeram
Aana Pachan
Mukkuvane snehicha Bhootham
Kadathanattu Makkam
Vellayani Paramu
Puthiya Velicham
Venalil oru Mazha
Chuvanna Chirakukal
Anu pallavi
Paalattu Kunjikkannan
Ithikkara Pakki
Manushya Mrigam
Kari puranda jeevithangal
Benz Vasu
Love in Singapore
Komaram Ariyapedatha Rahasyam