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V.C.Ganesan (Villupuram Chinnayah Pillai Ganesan) popularly known as Sivaji Ganesan was Super Star of Tamil Cinema and acted in Hindi,Telugu,Kannada and Malayalam films also.
He was born in Sirkali of Tanjavur District of  Tamil Nadu in a middle class family in the year 1927.His father was employed in Railways whose name was Chinnayyah Pillai.His mother's name was Rajamani Ammal.Ganesan's inspiration for acting was inborn and when he got a chance to act on stage for a touring drama company he utilized it without his father's consent at the age of seven.When father came to know about this he punished  the boy severely so that Ganesan ran away from home.He joined a drama troupe telling them that he was an orphan.
From the drama troupe trainers he was lucky enough to learn acting and dancing skills.He was trained in Bharatanatyam dance,western dance,Kathak,Kathakali,Manipuri dance etc.Since he had a lovely voice he was trained in Carnatic music also.Ganesan was an intellectual boy who could remember lengthy dialogues easily and could present it before the audience brilliantly with perfection which made him hero of the troupe  in the long run.
He got the chance to perform the role of 'Chatrapathi Sivaji' in a drama 'Sivaji kanda Hindu Rajyam' written by C.N.Anna Durai.Ganesan's role as 'Sivaji' was superb which received much appreciation from the society and so he was given the title 'Sivaji Ganesan'.
His entry in to films  at this stage of popularity was easy and inevitable and he could  establish a better position there.Sivaji Ganesan, very soon became the super star of Tamil cinema because of his acting skill.The actors who are trained in classical dancing and Kathakali could effectively show the different expressions which are known as 'Nava Ras' on their face.The training which Ganesan got from Bharatanatyam and Kathakali  helped him to show expressions preciously well.His unique voice was also much appealing.He adopted his own style of dialogue presentation with non stop long spell of dialogues like a poetry recitation with clarity.He trembled the cinema halls with his high pitched thundering style of long spell speeches so that the audience cheered and clapped with bliss.The actor got a respectful space in the heart of the film goers very soon.Some critics complained that he was over acting but such people also could not avoid seeing his films.Most of his films were box office hits which drew large crowds to cinema halls.Sivaji Ganesan was a versatile actor who could present any kind of roles with equal perfection.In block busters like 'Vasanta Malikai' 'Gouravam'  'Karnan'  'Raja Raja Chozhan' 'Thrisulam' 'Thankappathakkam' ' Sathyam' etc he presented the characters so brilliantly that the seduced audiences saw  such films more than once.
In song scenes also Sivaji Ganesan was excellent.The charismatic actor could thrill the audience when he appeared as Lord Siva and sung the song sequence 'Patrum Nane' in  'Thiruvilayadal'.When he appeared singing the song 'Yarukkakai ini yarukkakai inta malikai....' in  the film 'Vasanthamalikai'  and song sequence 'Paalutti valartha kili pazham koduthu partha kili' in the film 'Gouravam'  etc in such sad and susceptible  scenes  Sivaji Ganesan was able to convey and induce the whole miserable feeling of the characters to the audience very effectively.
He was the first Indian actor who was selected as best actor at Afro-Asian Film festival held at Cairo.He was
given the title 'Nadikar Thilakam' as a praise for his acting talent from Tamil Nadu.
His debut film was 'Parasakthi' in the year 1952.The screen play of this film was written by Sri.M.Karunanidhi,(The present
Chief Minister of Tamil nadu).'Veerapandya Katta Bomman' was a block buster film which boosted his acting career.'Thillana Mohanambal' was an excellent movie in which actress 'Padmini' had dance competition with Nadaswaram music.Vasanthamalikai of 1972 and Thrisulam of 1979 were  milestones.His body language and majestic movements mingled with stunning dialogue rendering was marvelous in many blockbuster films.Title role in the film 'Raja Raja Chozhan'  Sivaji Ganesan was stupendously great as the Maharajah.After 1979 he concentrated mainly on supporting character roles only.He appeared in  prestigious projects of Kamal Hassan's
"Thevar Magan' and RajaniKanth's 'Padayappa'.He acted with  Mohan Lal in 'Iruvar' and 'Oru Yatra Mozhi'.
He manifested very good qualities like 'give and take respect'.He considered his co-workers equally and mingled with all with love and affection.Everybody loved and respected him.
He was made 'Chevalier ' by an Arts society of France.
He was given 'Dadasaheb Phalke Award' for his contribution to Indian cinema in 1997.

He receved 'Padmasree' in 1966 and 'Padma Bhushan'  in 1984.
He got National Special Jury award for film 'Thevar Magan' in 1993.
Best actor award was given for him from state for films 'Thiruvilayadal' and 'Motor Sundaram Pillai'.
He was given 'Kalaimamani' award from Tamil Nadu State in 1997.
One University fromTamil Nadu  awarded him  Ph.D. Degree also.
Sivaji Ganesan was Rajya Sabha member from 1983 to 1989.
On July 21st 2001 at the age of 73 he died at Chennai.
Sivaji Ganesan Postal Stamp was issued on 1st Oct. 2001 by Indian Postal Department.
Sivaji Ganesan's elder son is a film producer and younger son Prabhu, is a film producer and  Actor.
Some of his films and actresses therein;-
Aalayamani                     -  Devika
Pasai Malar                     -  Savithri
Thiruvilayadal                  -  Savithri
Karnan                            -  Devika
Puthiya Parvai                 -  Saroja Devi
Ooty vare uravu              -  K.R.Vijaya
Vasantha Malikai            -  Vanisree
RishiMoolam                  -  K.R.Vijaya
Thanka Pathakkam         -  K.R.Vijaya
Andaman Kathali            -  Sujatha
Thillana Mohanambal       - Padmini
Pattikada Pattanama         -  Jayalalitha
Mudhal Mariyadai            - Radha
Nenjukkum Varai             - K.R.Vijaya
Enga Mama                      - Jayalalitha
Gouravam                        -  Usha Nandini
Anbe Aruyire                   -  Manjula
Dr.Siva                             -  Manjula
Padikkathavan                  - Ambika
Deepam                            -  Sujatha
Imayam                            -  Sreevidya
Sumathi en sundari            -  Jayalalitha
Iru malargal                      -  K.R.Vijaya
Ponnoonjal                       -  Usha Nandini
Uthama Puthiran                - Padmini
Thirudan                            - K.R.Vijaya

Vazhkai                             -  Ambika
Savalae samali                   -  Jayalalitha
Amara deepam                  -  Padmini
Thookku thooki                 -  Padmini
Gjana Oli                           -  Sarada
Uthaman                            -  Manjula
Cauveri                              -  Padmini
Thyagam                            -  Lakshmi
Ennai pol Oruvan                -  Usha Nandini
Saraswathi sapatham          -  Savithri,Padmini
Poo Parikka varukiren        -  Malavika
Panam                                - Padmini
Neela Vaanam                    -  Devika
Neethi                                 -  Shokkar Janaki
Nan petra selvam                -  Vara Lekshmi
En Magan                            - Manjula
Thrisoolam                           - K.R.Vijaya
Anbu                                   -  Padmini
Lakshmi Kalyanam              -  Ven Nira Aadai Nirmala
Engal Thanga Raja               -  Manjula
Mannavan Vanthanadi          - Manjula
Punarjanmam                       -  Padmini
Keezhvanam Sivakkum        - Saritha
Kalyana Kathali                    - Bhanumathi
Kaveriman                           -  Sreedevi
Motor Sundaram Pillai          - Shokkar Janaki
Deiva Magan                        - Jayalalitha
Galatta Kalyanam                 - Jayalalitha
Anjalpetti 520                       -  Sarojadevi
Thangaikkaka                      -  Lakshmi
Thangai                                -  K.R.Vijaya
Nallathoru Kudumbam         -  Vanisree
Pattum Barathamum             -  Jayalalitha
Nirakudam                           -  Vanisree
Ezhuthatha Sattangal             -  Nalini
Kangal                                 -  Pandari Bai
Enkiruntho vanthal                -  Jayalaitha
 Bharatha Vilas                     -  K.R.Vijaya
 Amara Kaviyam                  -  Sree Priya
Sivaji Ganesan,M.Karuna Nidhi,M.G.R,Jaya Lalitha
From the film Veerapandya Kattabomman
As the Great Karnan'
Deiva Piravi                          - Padmini 

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Nanda Muri Tharaka Rama Rao well known as NTR was the super star of Telugu movies from 1950
and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh  from 1989 to 1994..
He was born in Krishna District of A.P. in 1923.The family were farmers and in the childhood days he used to distribute milk to hotels and faraway houses on a bicycle.Later he worked as a clerk in a firm and  also ran his own small provision store.NTR was good at studies and the family members wanted him to continue his studies and so his uncle took him to Vijayawada with him.For intermediate course he studied in Visakhapatanam and for B.A. degree course at Guntur.
While studying for the degree course he used to act in stage plays which he performed very well and got appreciation from many people.At that time he did not think that acting will be the career for him in the long run.
He married his Uncle's daughter in 1942 and was continuing his studies.He passed B.A. Degree course in the year 1947 and the same year itself he got job as the Sub Registrar of Mangalagiri.That job was a good one but when he got a chance to act in a film NTR selected the acting career and ignored the job.
'Mane Desam' (1949) was his debut film in which he had a side role but he became hero in films from 1950 onwards.'Pathala Bhairawi'(1951) was a super hit film and the new tall and very handsome hero was well accepted and very well appreciated by all film goers.During that period several films from stories of Hindu
beliefs were taken and the producers and directors found that the new hero NTR excelled fantastically well as  eternal  figures like Lord Vishnu,Krishna,Rama  and even as Ravana also.He resembled the God's images
painted by artist Raja Ravi Varma and so NTR was called for such roles from Tamil and Malayalam movies also.1n 1950's he was the hero in more number of movies than any other Telugu film artists.He was always
paid the highest amount for acting by his producers since his films were always box office hits.NTR was given the Padmasree Award from Government of India.

He entered in to Politcs in 1982 by forming a new party known as 'Telegu Desam Party'.He also like MGR of Tamilnadu  utilized the image and love gained from film field  for the growth of his political party.During the 1982 election campaign N.T.Rama Rao made a Chariot from a Van which he named as 'Chaithanya Ratham' and travelled all over Andhra Pradesh meeting all the voters requesting to vote for his party.NTR would sit  on a seat on the 'Ratham' and deliver a speech to the gatherings at all important places.His idea clicked  and he could establish the new party in the state.He won the 1989 and 1994 elections.He was the chief minister  of Andhra Pradesh from 89 to 94.He proved himself as a good politician and he was successful as the Chief Minister also.
NTR acted in 292 films out of which 15 were in Tamil and 4 were in Hindi.His grandson NTR Junior is an actor in Telugu movies at present.
NTR died in 1996 at the age of 73.
Some of his films are MayaBazaar,Venkiteswara Mahatmyam,Karnan(Tamil)Ekaveera,Devatha,Vatagadu,
Gajadonga,Major Chandra Kanth etc.
Some of his films and heroines in those films
Aada Brathuku           -  Devika
Aagi Ramadu              -  Bhanumathi
Chandirani                  -  Bhanumathi
Inthi Guttu                   -  Savithri
Aathma Bandhuvu       -  Savithri
Baburu Vahana           -   Vara Lakshmi
Bagdad gajadonga       -  Jaya Laitha
Bhama Vijayam           -  Devika
Badi Panthalu               -  Anjali Devi
Manushulanta Okkate   -  Jamuna
Nippulanti Manishi        -  Latha
Sri Tirupathi Venkites
    wara Kalyanam         - Jayasudha,Jaya Prada
Simha Baludu                - Vanisree
Tiger                             -  Radha Salooja

Vetagadu                      -  Sreedevi
Yamagola                      - Jaya Prada
Yugandhar                     -  Jaya Sudha
Vijayam Manate            -  Anjali Devi
Anuraga Devata             -  Jaya Prada,Sreedevi.
Circus Ramadu              -  Jaya Prada
Sathyam Sivam              - Sridevi
Superman                      -  Jayaprada
NTR with Indira Gandhi

Viswaroopam                -  Jaya Sudha.

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Sathyan, whose original name ' Sathyanesan Nadar', a native of Trivandrum was  leading actor of Malayalam cinema during 50's, 60's and the early 70's.He departed us in 1971 at the age of sixty.He worked in the army and later worked as Inspector of Police in the State of Travancore before the formation of Kerala State.During the Communist riots of 1947-48 he was the Police Inspector of Alleppey North Police station.He earned reputation as an able and strict police officer.

Sathyan had an urge to act in films from the confidence and  experience  he gained from amateur stage dramas.His wish was fulfilled  when he met a film producer who was introduced to him by a friend but the first film 'Thyagaseema' was not released.In 1952 a film by name 'Athmasakhi' was released declaring the entry of a versatile actor on the Malayalam silver screen.During those period most of the actors followed the acting pattern which was used on drama stages and hence artificiality was highlighted throughout the films.Over acting with vague dialogue presentation using unnecessary tone change and in high pitch was accepted in films also.Sathyan brought an overall change by
natural way of movements and delivering the dialogues in a sophisticated manner by his own way of voice control most suited to the situation  of the sequences. His expressive face could convey the minute feelings of the characters to the audience.The face expressions,sharp eyes and voice control combined together resulted in precise character formation with perfection much more than the expectation of directors.Eminent directors sought him for acting terrific roles which needed much care for presentation.Popular Malayalam novels were filmed during that period in which Sathyan handled the lead roles.Sathyan took acting career as a challenge and so he acted as young and old alike..In several films he acted as father and grand father also if there was some essence in those characters.He was selective for his roles and this created an impression that a Sathyan film would be a good one.He was a very good talented actor from head to toes and acted  very nicely as fisherman,layman,Rikshaw wala,
Politician,Criminal, and  many imperious and majestic type roles too.In the film 'Yakshi' which was filmed based on a novel written by famous writer 'Malayattor Ramakrishnan' Sathyan acted as Prof.Sreeni whose one side of the face was shown ugly because of burn from an accident in the laboratory.Sathyan did not fear that his star value would be lost by acting roles like in 'Yakshi' but the amazed  audience appreciated him utmost.In the film 'Chemmen' which won the first gold medal for a Malayalam film directed by Ramu Kariat, Sathyan acted the character of a fisherman by name 'Palani'.Chemmeen was a very big box office hit and the film goers could not forget the way Sathyan played his role as 'Palani'; 'Karuthamma's husband.Beautiful actress Sheela played the role of Karuthamma.Chemmeen film  was based on a novel written in the same name by 'Njan Peet' award holder 'Thakazhi Sivasankara Pillai'.Salil Choudhari composed music for the first time in Malayalam for that movie.
Sathyan became famous and gained reputation as a talented actor from the film 'Neelakkuyil' which was released in 1954. It won President's silver medal which was directed by Ramu Kariat and P.Bhaskaran.Neelakkuyil had a message  which resulted in an impact  to the society since it  criticized the discrimination of caste system.Miss Kumari, who was a wonderful actress was the heroine of that film.Sathyan was offered the throne of Malayalam cinema by that film which no other actor was able to capture from him  till his death in 1971.
Eminent film producers  and Directors like Neela studio's P.Subramanyam, Udaya Studio's Kunchakko and Production banner 'Manjilas' utilized his abilities in several films.Directors like Ramu Kariat,P.Bhaskaran,K.S.Sethumadhavan, etc used him in some of the best films of those days.
In 'Vadakkan Pattu' stories which needed much efficiency to display martial arts like 'Kalari Payattu' Sathyan was effectively successful in films like 'Palattu koman' and 'Thacholi Othenan'.In 'Odayil Ninnu' which was based on a novel written by P.Kesava Dev he was excellent as 'Pappu' who draws a rikshaw.Films like 'Vazhvemayam, Mooladhanam, Adimakal, Kadal palam, Kara Kana kadal,Anubhavangal Palichakal,Thriveni
etc were all films which demanded great acting skills..
Kerala Government  Best Actor award was given to him in 1969 for film 'Kadalpalam' and in 1971 for film 'Karakanakkadal'.
Kumari Thankam,Miss Kumari,Ambika,Ragini,Sheela,Sharada,K.R.Vijaya etc were some of the  heroines in his films.
Some of his Films and Actresses therein:-
Ayisha                                                  Sheela
Ammu                                                   Ambika
Achanum Makanum                              Saroja
Akkarapacha                                        Sujatha
Aswamedham                                       Sheela
Aathmasakhi                                         Saroja
Dathuputhran                                         Sheela
Daaham                                                 Sheela
Chathurangam                                       Padmini
Crossbelt                                               Sarada
Doctor                                                  Sheela
Ina Pravukal                                          Sarada
Inquilab Zindabad                                 Sheela
Kadalamma                                          Ambika
Karthika                                                Sarada
Kattukurangu                                        Sarada
Lilli                                                       B.S.Saroja
Kudumbam                                           Sheela
Koottukari                                            Ambika
Krishna Kuchela                                   Sulochana
Midumidikki                                          Sarada
Moodupadam                                        Ambika
Ningal enne Communistakki                   Sheela
Omanakunju                                          Sheela
Omanakkuttan                                       Ambika
Rebecca                                                 Gracy

Rowdy                                                   Sujatha
Siksha                                                   Sheela
Kadalpaalam                                         Sheela
Kattuthulasi                                            Sarada
Jail                                                        Sarada
Vazhvemayam                                       Sheela
Udyogastha                                           Sarada
Vilakkapetta Bandhangal                        Usha Kumari
Kalanju Kittiya Thankam                       Vasanthi
Laila Majnu                                            Vijaya Lakshmi
Yakshi                                                   Sarada
Sarasayya                                               Sheela
Chekuthante Kotta                                  Ambika
Nadanpennu                                            Sheela
Anweshichu Kandethiyilla                        K.R.Vijaya
Nayaru pidicha pulival                             Ragini
Velutha Kathreena                                   Sheela
Bhagyajathakam                                      Sheela
Pakalkinavu                                             Sarada
Adimakal                                                 Sarada
Triveni                                                     Sarada
Kaavalam Chundan                                 Sarada
Vivahitha                                                 Padmini
Aadyakiranangal                                      K.R.Vijaya
Neelakkuyil                                             Miss Kumari
Khadeeja                                                 Jaya Bharathi
Karakanakkadal                                      Jaya Bharathi
Chemmeen                                              Sheela
Kaliyalla Kalyanam                                  Sarada
Ummini Thanka                                        Sheela
Kadathukaran                                          Ambika
Seelavathy                                               K.R.Vijaya

Sathyan in Double role
Scene from 'Mudiyanaya Puthran'
Film critics used to say that the throne of Sathyan was vacant for many years after his death  as a mention of praise  to that talented  and efficient actor.