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Prem Nazir was one of the most  loved Malayalam film star.He was in the malayalam film industry for more than thirty five years  and during that period he was lucky enough to act in record number of films in main roles  which enabled him entry in the Guinness Book of world Records.He was hero in more than Seven Hundred films mostly in Malayalam and some are in Tamil also.
Sheela, a wonderful actress was his heroine in more than 107 films.This is another world record that the same heroine  acting  with the same hero in more than 107 films is still a world record.In one year in 1975 Prem Nazir was hero in 39 films which is yet another world record.
He was a very talented and handsome actor who attracted female spectators largely to the theaters because of his charm.The producers and Directors also mainly utilized him in glamorous films which did not reveal his acting talent to the fullest.So he was not able to get the 'Bharat' award which is given for the high talented film artists.
But he got Padma Bhushan and Padma Sree which are the 3rd and 4th highest civilian awards in India.
Prem Nazir hailed from  'Chirayin Keezhu' which is a place in Trivandrum District.He was a University Graduate and entered in to films at an younger age.His debut film was 'Marumakal'.An actress by name 'Neyyattinkara Komalam' was his heorine in that film.His  real name was 'Abdul Khader' but  was renamed as Ptrem Nazir by a Veteran actor 'Thickurissi Sukumaran Nair''
He acted as hero till 1988 with out a  break.During that period he was lucky enough to act in various type of roles which received  much acclaim from the audience.Most of his films were box office hits.In all languages of Indian Cinema songs and love scenes are obviously a necessity and Prem Nazir was superb in song scenes.The voice of K.J.Jesudas suited him very well.Super hit melodies generated during his period. The lyrics written by Vayalar Rama Varma,Music composed by Devarajan and sung by Dr.K.J.Jesudas were all melodious.Lyrics by Sree Kumaranan Thampi were also marvelous.Dakshina Moorthi and M.K.Arjunan were very good music composers during that period.
Kunchacko who was the owner of Udaya Studio of Alleppey Produced and directed more than 100 films out of which many of them were Prem Nazir films.Kunchacko produced and directed several  'Vadakkan Pattu' characters
films in which Prem Nazir was very excellent.Those roles which needed the display of martial arts suited to him very well.Film 'Aaromalunni' is an excellent example in this category.Like that 'Sakuntala' was a very fantastic movie in which K.R.Vijaya  the heroine of that film also acted nicely.'Iruttinte Aatmavu'  and 'Mura Pennu' were films which revealed his excellent acting skills.
More than 85 heroines acted opposite to him.During his last period also he was looking young.That is why he earned the title Evergreen hero of Malayalam Silver Screen.It is famous that he was a good humanitarian also.If his film was a flop at Box Office he was ready to act free for the next film of that producer.He used to help many other co-artists financially who were in needful.
He is loved and remembered by all film lovers.

Some of his Films are:-
Marumakal *   Visappinte Vili  * Achan *  Balya Sakhi  * Manthravadi *  Padatha Paingili *  Jail PUlli  *Seetha*
Unniyarcha*   Krishna Kuchela *  Jnana Sundari  * Sreerama Pattabhishekam *  Laila Majnu * Snapaka Yohannan*
Kattu mainah *  School Master *  Kudumbini  * Bhargavi Nilayam  * Ayesha  * Sakunthala  * Odayil Ninnu*
Muthalali *  Murapennu  * Kuppivala *Kavyamela*  Sthanarthi Saramma *  Priyathama  * Kunjali Marakkar*
Kalithozhan*   Ramanan*   Anarkkali *  Iruttinte Atmavu*   Pooja *  Pareeksha *  Nadenpennu*   Kasavuthattam*
Cochin Express*   Chitramela*   Balyakala Sakhi*   Aswamedham*   Agniputhri *  Thulabharam*   Asuravithu*
Thokkukal Kadha parayunnu*   Bharyamar Sookshikkuka *     Rest House*   Pooja Pushpam*
Nadhi *  Mooladhanam *  Kannur Deluxe*   Jwala *  Adimagal *  Vivahitha*   Triveni*   Pearlview*   Ummachu*
Otenante Makan*   Lottery ticket*   Ambalapravu*   Lanka Dahanam*   Oru sundariyude katha*   Maya*
Maram*   Gandharva kshetram*   Devi*   Aromalunni*   Urvasi Bharathi*    Thiruvabharanam*   Ponnapuram kotta*
Padma vyuham*    Pani theeratha veedu*   Panchavadi*   Interview*   Football Champion*   Azhakulla Selena*
Thumbolarcha*   Sethubhandhanam*   Rajahamsam*   Nellu*   Neelakannukal*   Chandrakantham*  Thiruvonam*
Ayalathe sundari* Bhoomidevi Pushpiniyayi*   Rasaleela*   Neelaponman*   Kottaram Vilkanundu*   Cheenavala*
Vishukkani*   Ayodhya*   Babumon*   Chattambi Kalyani*   Chirikkudukka *  Ashtami Rohini *  Minimol*
Tholkkan Enikku Manassilla*    Randu lokam*   Lakshmi*   Chottanikkara Amma*   Tharu oru janmam koodi*
Thacholi Ambu*    Padasaram *  Nivedyam*   Lisa *  Kadathanattu Makkam*    Ee Ganam Marakkumo*
Prabhu*   Kathirmandapam *  Pralayam*   Palattu kunjikkannan*   Lava *  Kari puranda jeevithangal *  Air Hostess*
Vida Parayum munpe*   Ithikkara pakki*   Thenum Vayambum*   Sanchari *  Parvathi *  Kodumudikal*
Ithihasam*   Charam*   Adimachangala*   Padayottam*   Ponmudi*   Nagamadathu Thampuratti*   Vellam*
Ivan Oru Simham*   Karyam Nissaram*   Makale mappu tharoo*   Amme Narayana*   Sannaham*
Oru Sandesam koodi *  Dhwani *  Lal Americayil